Office of Special Enforcement


As New York City struggles to address concerns around public safety, community, livability, housing affordability, and other issues concerning those who live in or visit, the City and New York State have established a wide array of laws and regulations to protect New Yorkers. The City continues to adapt and find new ways to address harmful, illegal, and unregulated industries that one agency and one set of enforcement tools alone can’t address amid shifting global economies and trends.


The Office of Special Enforcement (OSE) is an innovative, solutions-oriented task force that ensures NYC communities are safe from harmful illegal and unregulated industries. Our multi-agency enforcement team devises strategic solutions — ranging from public education to enforcement action — to complex problems.

• Preserving Our Affordable Housing Stock – OSE ensures owners, property managers, and tenants comply with City and State regulations designed to keep housing available and affordable for New Yorkers.

• Educating New Yorkers on Legal Short-term Renting – Through community engagement and online resources, OSE provides information about how people can share their homes legally in a way that reflects New York values, ensuring fairness for residents, visitors, and workers.

• Promoting Safe and Sanitary Building Conditions – Illegal short-term rentals and other illegal businesses are often not equipped to handle safety risks to guests who are unfamiliar with their surroundings and proper evacuation procedures. OSE takes action when buildings are overcrowded or don’t follow required safeguards such as building and fire codes.

• Preserving Our Homes and Communities – Our work helps maintain diverse and livable neighborhoods. We engage with communities to promptly and appropriately address their concerns, root out harmful illegal industries, and keep neighborhoods safe and vibrant.

• Preventing Consumer Deception – Illegal businesses target tourists and other consumers using tactics such as bait-and-switch or offering misleading information. OSE works to ensure that consumers booking short-term rentals receive goods and services without being misled.

Visit the OSE website to access more resources and information on its various initiatives.


Do you suspect illegal short-term rental activity in your neighborhood?

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