About Us

As the Mayor’s advisor on public safety, we shape and fund justice strategies at every stage.

We invest public resources to make New York City safe.

Recent Highlights

2019 Year in Review

In 2019, NYC made big strides toward a safer, fairer justice system.

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Justice Implementation Task Force

Rethinking and redoing the way we approach criminal justice in NYC, safely driving down the number of people behind bars, and making the system fairer.

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Closing Rikers: Smaller, Safer, Fairer Jail System

Closing the jails on Rikers Island and building a smaller and more humane borough-based system.

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Reforming the Bail System

In order to end money bail, the state must change legislation. While we push for that change, we are also working to minimize the harmful effects of the current bail system.

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“With New York City safer than it has been in decades, and with the number of people in our jails dropping as well, the urgent question now is how we create more safety with more equality. Democratizing how we keep the peace means building safety from the neighborhood up and understanding safety as more than the absence of crime.”

Elizabeth Glazer

Director of the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice