System Data

Making criminal justice system data available to all New Yorkers

Regularly updated data showing statistical details and trends at every point in the City’s criminal justice system. Additional data analyses and data sources help provide context for criminal justice policy at every level of government.

Summary Data Files

Crime: Includes key monthly totals with a highlight on shooting incidents, as well as crime complaints by borough and major crime data going back to 1993.

Arrests / Enforcement: Includes key monthly totals with a highlight on gun arrests, as well as arrest data by borough and by race and historic arrest data going back to 1993.

Arraignment: Includes monthly totals by arraignment category with a focus on weapons arraignments, as well a arraignments by borough and historical arraignment data going back to 1993.

Jail: Includes monthly population totals by offense category, with month jail population totals as well as admits by borough and by racial category, and historic jail population totals going back to 1993.

Racial disparities: Includes key monthly totals with a highlight on the arrest and arraignment rates for black and Latinx individuals relative to the arrest and arraignment rates for white individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Data Analysis

A review of the numerous factors that led to an increase in the City’s jail population. (12/2020)

• EXPLAINER: What’s behind the jail population increase?
 Source data used in jail population explainer.

External Data Links

New York Police Department (NYPD)

• NYPD Regular crime reporting 
• COMPSTAT 2.0 Current crime data
• Open Data Current and historical  crime complaints, arrests, summonses

Criminal Justice Agency (CJA)
Case Analysis Tool Explore data on prosecuted cases

Department of Correction (DOC)
Regular reporting DOC at a Glance, Population Reports, Recidivism (under “Annual Reports on Mentally Ill Incarcerated Individuals and Recidivism”)
• Open Data
          – Daily Population in Custody
          – Monthly Admissions
          – Monthly Discharges

Administration for Children’s Services (ACS)

Flash Indicators Juvenile Justice system numbers

• Historical public safety data, including arrests

Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) 
• Criminal justice statistics compiled and reported by the state Division of Criminal Justice Services

Board of Correction (BOC)
• Board of Correction reports, including COVID monitoring

Data Analytic Recidivism Tool (DART)
• Explore recidivism rates across different groups of defendants

• Range of social, health, criminal justice, and economic data by community district

NYC Community Health Profiles
• Profiles of the 59 community districts across NYC