Common questions about contracting with our Office.

I want to partner with MOCJ to carry out its mission. How do I apply for a contract?

The Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice works with agencies, vendors, providers, and community-based organizations to serve the public and to accomplish governmental functions. Contracts with MOCJ are awarded through our procurement system. Generally, the City procurement process takes the following steps:

  • An agency need is identified;
  • A procurement plan is created and a competitive solicitation is released;
  • Proposals are submitted and evaluated for award;
  • An award is made and a vendor responsibility check is conducted;
  • A contract is negotiated and executed;
  • The approval of oversight agencies is obtained; and,
  • The contract is filed for registration by the Office of the Comptroller.

Please check the notices and solicitations page on MOCJ’s website for new Request for Proposals. Competitions are usually held among vendors interested in the same RFP. Once a vendor is selected, a contract will be negotiated and signed. The awarded entity must follow up with the awarding officer and create accounts in the appropriate City systems which are also listed on MOCJ’s website.  


How long will the contract process take?

Once an award is made, the speed of the contract registration process depends upon many variables which include:  vendor enrollment in appropriate city databases, dollar amount of award, and the number of oversight agency approvals required. You should contact your assigned Contract Analyst for any technical assistance throughout the contract process and for information regarding timelines specific to your award.

What is the process for City Council/Line-Item or Member awards?

Please refer to the following link for details on the Discretionary Contracting Process: https://www1.nyc.gov/site/nonprofits/funding-opportunities/city-council-discretionary-funding.page

To check the status of your award, go to: https://www1.nyc.gov/site/mocs/partners/discretionary-award-tracker.page

What opportunities are available to M/WBEs?

City agencies can award contracts of up to $500,000 for goods, professional services, standard services and construction directly to City-certified M/WBEs without formal competition using the M/WBE Noncompetitive Small Purchase Method. This streamlined process makes it easier for the City to do business with M/WBEs. Don’t miss out! Be ready to receive and respond to these opportunities directed specifically to our City-certified M/WBE businesses by creating an account in PASSPort today. Find the simple two-step account creation instructions here.

What is PASSPort and how do I enroll?

PASSPort is the City’s digital Procurement and Sourcing Solutions Portal. PASSPort facilitates every step of the procurement process – from identifying vendors to contract solicitation and response evaluation, award to contract, and invoicing to payment.

To maximize business opportunities, all contractors should create a vendor account in PASSPort. Please reference the Vendor Account Creation manual for step by step instructions on how to create a vendor account in PASSPort. For more information on PASSPort, visit the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services (MOCS) PASSPort Webpage or reach out to the MOCS Service Desk at [email protected].

What is the Payee Information Portal? How do I create a PIP Account? Am I set up for Direct Deposit/EFT?

To do business with the City, vendors must register and create an account in the City’s Payee Information Portal (PIP). In PIP, vendors can view financial transactions with the City of New York, register for Electronic Funds Transfer payments and much more. Once enrolled, vendors must report their subcontractors and subcontractor payments within PIP. Vendors who have questions or issues regarding online enrollment should contact the Vendor Enrollment Center at (212) 857-1680 or via email at [email protected]. If your organization does not have a PIP Account, please refer to the PIP Activation Guide for help on how to create one.


Register for the Payee Information

For any additional information on PIP Account maintenance please consult the PIP Account Tutorial.

How do I apply for a loan?

All New York City vendors whose contracts are not yet registered with the Comptroller’s Office are eligible for a Returnable Grant Loan (RGF) through the Fund for the City of New York (FCNY). The amount of the RGF loan is determined by the contracting agency and the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services (MOCS).  In addition, loans are for necessary operating expenses, such as payroll, rent and utilities, for the period covering the loan submission date until the estimated contract registration date.


  • As soon as a vendor submits all required contract documents to the Contract Analyst at the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, the vendor should also submit an RGF loan application.
  • When the ACCO has approved the loan application, the ACCO will send it to MOCS.
  • Once MOCS approves the application, it will authorize FCNY to make the loan.
  • The loan funds will be available to the nonprofit within 24-48 hours of receiving the request from MOCS. The funds are triggered by a signed loan agreement between the nonprofit and FCNY.

For the Returnable Grant Fund Loan page click here: https://www.fcny.org/fcny/core/cfl/rgf/

To access the loan application form here for submission to your Contract Analyst at MOCJ, click here:   click here

Is it possible to get an advanced payment?

Upon contract registration, the Fiscal Unit may issue an advance up to 25% of the total annual contract value, at the request of the contractor and in accordance with contract terms. The contractor must provide an advance memorandum and copy of a fidelity bond for the approved advance amount to the Contract Analyst who will then submit these documents to the Fiscal Analyst for payment. Generally, the advance will be recouped from fiscal cost reports submitted starting in January of each fiscal year, although repayment terms may be modified depending upon the terms upon which MOCJ and the contractor mutually agree.

Who do I submit invoices to? I just submitted an invoice. How long until I am paid?

Invoices shall be submitted to the Contract Unit, specifically the Contract Analyst assigned to oversee the processing and management of the subject contract.  In the absence of a designated Contract Analyst, invoices shall be submitted to the Agency Chief Contracting Officer.

If your contract is being processed within HSS Accelerator, you may complete the invoice template and submit within the system.  For more instructions regarding HHS Accelerator and invoicing please refer to: www.nyc.gov/hhsaccelerator.

In accordance with the Procurement and Policy Board Rules, invoices shall be processed within 30 days of the Invoice Received or Accepted Date which is the date on which a proper invoice was received. For more information regarding invoices please see PPB Rules here  and MOCJ’s Fiscal Manual.