Anti-Gun Violence Visibility Campaign

The Mayor `s Office of Criminal Justice (MOCJ) intents to, through a demonstration project, in collaboration with the New York Police Department (NYPD), the NYPD Foundation, Citizens Crime Commission, and other institutions, plans to build upon existing anti-gun violence endeavors by identifying and designing new solutions to combat gun violence in New York City by using behavioral science to: (1) remove a greater numbers of illegal guns from communities, and (2) discourage the carrying and use of illegal guns. MOCJ seeks to enter into negotiations with ideas42 in connection with this demonstration project. The City seeks experts in behavioral design and related consultants to draw on decades of experimental scientific research in behavioral economics to design scalable solutions to combat gun violence in New York City. These experts will also work alongside advertising and marketing specialists to structure, test, and implement a sustained citywide high visibility campaign to change social norms around gun violence in New York City. Learn more about the Anti-Gun Violence Visibility Campaign.