Crisis Management System – Providers Assignment

In accordance with Section 3-04(b)(2)(i)(D)and Section 3-04(b)(2)(ii) of the Procurement Policy Board rules, the Mayor`s Office of Criminal Justice intends to enter into a Negotiated Acquisition with Bronx Connect (Urban Youth Alliance), Central Family Life Center, Life Camp, Man Up! Inc., Street Corner Resources, and Gangsta’s Making Astronomical Community Changes, Inc. to provide immediate and coordinated response to gun violence that aids in victim and community recovery while preventing future violence through the City`s Gun Violence Crisis Management System, and utilizing the Cure Violence model associated with the Crisis Management System.The anticipated start date of the contract is June 1st, 2017 with an estimated contract term of two (2) years. Learn more about they Crisis Management System – Providers Assignment.

Vendors interested in participating in similar procurements in the future may contact [email protected].