Indigent Defense Criminal Trial – Negotiated Acquisition Extension

The Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice (“MOCJ”), in accordance with Section 3-04(b)(2)(iii) of the Procurement Policy Board Rules, intends to enter into Negotiated Acquisition Extensions for the Indigent Defense Criminal Trial contracts with the vendors named below for a 6-month extension to ensure that there is no interruption in constitutionally-and statutorily-mandated services while a new solicitation for a new contract is being conducted. The vendors and PINs are as follows:
Bronx Defenders / 00211P0021CNVN001
Brooklyn Defender Services / 00211P0023CNVN00
Legal Aid Society / 00211P0022CNVN001
Neighborhood Defender Service / 00211P0015CNVN001
New York County Defender Services / 00211P0024CNVN001
Queens Law Associates / 00211P0025CNVN001

Vendors interested in participating in similar procurements in the future may contact [email protected]. A similar notice was posted on the City Record at

This notice is for informational purposes only.