Atlas: Voluntary Pretrial Supports for Individuals and Communities – Negotiated Acquisition

As a result of criminal justice reform effective January 1, 2020, there remains a need for supportive, strength-based offerings to ensure that people who are arrested and released by the courts without incarceration, supervision, or conditions are positioned to succeed, both while their case is pending and after it concludes. Atlas, a new initiative from the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, is a voluntary program designed for individuals awaiting trial without conditions and facing the highest risks and needs, including factors associated with future justice system involvement or victimization by providing a variety of evidence-based supports —including mentorship, education, employment, and therapeutic services. Atlas also improves community vitality and public safety by increasing the strength and capacity of grassroots organizations and lifting up community-driven public safety solutions.

Through this solicitation, the City is seeking to contract with 1 entity to serve as Prime Vendor. The Prime Vendor will have demonstrated capability to manage a network of subcontractors and services including experience overseeing budgets in the tens of millions of dollars, and will be tasked with the following responsibilities: 1) Streamline procurement through the solicitation, execution, and management of multiple subcontracts with a diverse pool of approximately 20-30 competent community-based organizations; 2) ensure deployment of a scaled, coordinated evidence-based intervention to maximize program fidelity and outcomes; 3) provide organizational capacity building, technical assistance and training for subcontracting providers; and 4) leverage resources to ensure enhancement of services.

The Negotiated Acquisition solicitation document is available here.

All questions and requests for additional information concerning this Negotiated Acquisition must be directed, via email, to [email protected]. The deadline for submitting questions is November 18, 2019, 3:00pm.

Proposals are due December 6, 2019, 3:00pm to [email protected].

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The Negotiated Acquisition solicitation document is available here.

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